We’ve got lots of opportunities for experienced professionals, and it’s easy to find and apply for the job that could change your career.

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Genuinely Nice People

Chicason Group employees mainly is full of genuinely nice people who value family and work-life balance over high-stress and by doing so help employees to feel more satisfied in and out of the office and also improve productivity and creativity.

UJU ONWUNZO - Specialist

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A strong, solid, stable company

Chicason Group is a strong, solid, stable company that withstood and excelled during a tremendous national economic downturn. Always evolving – never resting, always looking for the next innovation to allow us to stand out further from the competition. Avenues for personal advancement/growth opportunities are encouraged in our company.

CHIEDU OSHAI - Specialist

Career path / Career development

Determining your Career
At Chicason Group, there is no such thing as a pre-determined Career path. Everyone builds their own richand diversified Portfolio.

A sustainable Career can be built by belonging to a profession, developing skills appropriate to each role you occupy and having the interest and determination to follow the professional path you choose.
At Chicason Group you hold the key to your success.

A range of ways to boost your Career
The Group is committed to total transparency concerning job vacancies. Employees have access to internal job offers for all locations thanks to the “Job Center”, available on the intranet. You’ll also enjoy opportunities to talk openly with Human Resources and your Manager. These discussions will help you regularly evaluate your professional progression.
Assessment and self-assessment tools can be a useful way to understand your managerial aptitudes, behavioral skills and employment preferences.


In short listing candidates, the following assessment criteria apply:

  • Quality of academic, professional and technical qualifications
  • Relevant work experience
  • Job knowledge and technical know-how
  • Leadership and management experience (only senior level positions).