We offer a range of opportunities to students at different stages of their education, as well as to college leavers.
Whichever program is the right one for you, you’ll find out first-hand what it’s like to work at Chicason Group, be given real responsibility and the chance to put your skills to the test in various areas of our business.

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Committed To Excellence

All the months which I spent at Chicason Group was the best of my life! The combination of interesting and challenging work, friendly staff and colleagues, very comfortable office apartment and the subsequent improvement to my career prospects made it a superb experience.

Thank you very much!”



Application Process
Our industrial placements span all disciplines necessary to our organization, including science, engineering, finance, human resources and many more.

Industrial placements last approximately three to twelve months, allowing you to make a real impact in your chosen area and provide you with invaluable experience in return. To apply, your placement must be recognized and supported by your university.